florida website programmer 540 Designs is an Information Technologies Services company located in Daytona Beach Florida. We specialize in providing small businesses with applications and services to increase productivity and exposure. We are a small yet specialized group of individuals focused on providing products and services that produce results. From content management systems, web applications, social networking, print media our services are not limited.

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Every business has different needs and requirements on how they communicate information between clients and between co-workers. Custom applications for managing content, emails and information architecture are a few ways you can control the flow of information between customers and co-workers.

Don't be blind to your invisibility. When a person visits a website they should be immediately drawn into the site visually and contextually. Website graphics and content should be rich and unique. When a search engine visits a website the content should be scalable and relevant. Search engines need to be able to read through a sites files fast and with no confusion . A poorly designed website can be hard to find through organic search due to lack of indexing. We make sure all our sites are search engine optimized plus are visually and contextually appealing.

Reaching out to your customers and clients is a full time job. With the web of social networking sites which ones will you focus your time on. Custom social networking applications can help you manage all your accounts quickly and effectively. Posting new events, articles, and products on all the most popular sites can be done easily from one page.