Graphic Design
Graphics are the workhorse of any visual media. Businesses and products need to stand out and be noticed among all others. We can design print & web graphics to meet the needs of any industry. Our creative process allows us to identify with the needs of any business.
Database Design
Today most sites are dynamically driven. These sites run off large databases housing large amounts of information. Information that would be unmanageable is now placed into relative tables that can be searched quickly and effectively.

Databases run ecommerce sites, social networking sites, blogs, forums and more. We design and build databases for any size project. From large projects requiring complex information architecture to the smaller, simple and fast designs. We employ all the best methods to ensure databases run efficiently.
Selling products and services on the internet should be a leg of any business. Ecommerce is no longer limited to the sales of products and services on a businesses website. However, a business's website should be its primary avenue of sales generated.

Listing products and services across the internet has never been more accessible. We special in the use of application protocol interfaces (API's) to effectively and quickly distribute products and services across the internet.

When customers purchase products and services from a website, they must feel secure about giving up their personal and financial information. We build safe, secure and certified ecommerce websites that customers can trust.
Most all search engines display two types of search results: organic and paid. The goal of any online company is to have 100% of their targeted traffic come from organic searches. This would mean the website search ranking is in the top 2 positions.

Reaching the first page of a search result takes time, optimization and realistic keyword goals. We couple these three ideas into a targeted plan for obtaining high page rankings. We provide search engine optimization from top to bottom. All sites built by 540 Designs meet WC3 standards.
Website Design
Website design is the visual appearance and content layout of a website. Website design is a very important process in building your web presence. A users first step into a website is the most important. They need to be able to identify who you are, what you do, where they are on your site and where they can go on your site. Among that the site needs to be easy on the eyes and flow naturally.

We use proven of methods of website design to build sites that are unique and effective. Our sites are not only visually appealing but they also meet WC3 standards. Assuring that each site has the best ability to be indexed by search engines.
Content Management Systems
Managing large amounts of data is a time consuming task. Content Management Systems can help reduce the time needed to manage data by automating processes.

Databases store information so it can be accessed quickly and effectively. Content Management Systems allow you to manipulate, create, delete and perform complex functions on it.

We design flexible and mobile content management systems. So whether you are on the move or in the office, you can access your data and manage it.
Application protocol interfaces are used to connect to large services across the internet to share data. Most large ecommerce sites, social sites and news sites have and API. These interfaces allow us to integrate websites with large media outlets to share information about your products and services.

API's bring social networking to your website, allowing users to add your information to their profile. As more companies realize the benefits of allowing others to communicate with their system, more API's will become available.

We specialize in connecting websites via API's giving exposure to larger audiences.
Web Marketing Consulting
540 Designs does not provide any web marketing services besides consulting. Web marketing can be done on a very large scale by huge firms. It can also be done just as effectively internally.

We keep our finger on the pulse of marketing trends on the internet. Among that we also provide multiple resources for advertising opportunities that pertain directly to a business or industry.